Hagia Sophia

Unprecedented smear campaigns #TurkeyElections #TrollWatch

Hagia Sophia

When I checked my troll list last night, they were at a state of madness in attacking opposition candidates. I am not sure if the opposition is offering better or will be victorious but the AKP campaigning zeroed in only one thing: the opposition is in deep ties with terror organizations. Some old police intelligence briefs that include personal data are circulating in pro-government media. Objectively, this looks like that AKP people are quite desperate. I continue to believe if they remained calm, they would probably lose less and they would not consolidate the opposition. AKP can still be triumphant but as many observers state, this is their worst campaigning since the party’s foundation.

In the meantime, Erdoğan is now using an old conservative card. Changing Hagia Sophia’s status to the mosque. Or some kind of wordplay around this idea. It looks like another pre-election trick, nothing more…

I forgot to mention the Kurdish votes last time. I think the HDP official leaders, esp. Sezai Temelli, acted well to help Erdoğan’s rhetoric. An experienced politician would choose his words better. I believe only the wisdom of crowds, not the leaders, will determine the outcome here.

Hundreds of election-related photos can be found here. 


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