It must be hard to make enemies from the other side of the world… #NewZealand

Fahrettin Altun, Communications Director to the Turkish Presidency, claimed that Erdoğan’s remarks were taken out of context… For a few more votes, Turkey is alienating both New Zealand and Australia…

All options are on the table,’ Morrison warns over Erdoğan’s Gallipoli threat

Australian PM denounces Turkish president for saying anyone who came to Gallipoli with anti-Muslim sentiments would be sent

And what the fck Washington Post is doing?



European Parliament’s vote to halt accession process ‘meaningless’: Turkey

The European Parliament’s vote to suspend Turkey’s EU accession process is “meaningless”, the Turkish Foreign Ministry

From reformer to ‘New Sultan’: Erdoğan’s populist evolution

The ‘inventor of 21st century populism’ moved Turkey away from EU to appeal to the base It was a speech that would change

German reporters leave Turkey after being denied accreditation

ZDF’s Brase and Tagesspiegel’s Seibert leave Turkey as Berlin warns citizens over risk of arrest there.

Journalists from Germany Leave Turkey, Germany’s Travel Warning Updated

ZDF’s İstanbul chief Jörg Brase and Tagesspiegel’s Turkey reporter Thomas Seibert have left Turkey. Germany has

Constitutional Court Ruling on Right to Property: ‘Every Act of Confiscation Causes Damage’

The Constitutional Court has ruled that a businessperson’s right to property is violated because the products belong to

Turkey’s New Low on Human Rights

Condemning other governments’ human-rights violations does not absolve Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of the gross abuses his own government continues to commit. On the contrary, the current effort to put 16 civil society activists in prison for life places Erdoğan firmly within the ranks of the leaders he decries.

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