Despite playing the books, it could not be hidden: Turkey Enters Recession

Turkish government figures show two consecutive quarters of declining growth amid falling investor confidence, shrinking investment and rising prices.
The Financial Times – Laura Pitel in Ankara – Mar 11, 12:25 AM

Turkey entered recession at the end of 2018, new data released on Monday showed, underscoring the effects of last year’s meltdown in the lira and a sharp rate increase by the central bank. The economy contracted 3 per cent per cent year-on-year in

Turkey falls into recession for first time in a decade

The release of new figures, which show worst economic performance since 2009, comes just weeks ahead of local polls.
More than two years after the failed putsch, evidence is trickling out to support what the EU initially suspected – that Erdogan knew what was going to happen and let it go ahead as a pretext to create one-man rule.

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