#Europe agenda: “EU states reject blacklisting Saudi, others over dirty money…

EU states reject blacklisting Saudi, others over dirty money

The 28 member states of the European Union all backed a decision on March 7 to reject a proposal from the EU executive to

Saudi Arabia evades EU dirty-money list for now

EU states have rejected a commission proposal to blacklist Saudi Arabia and four US territories on money laundering and

EU rebukes Saudi Arabia over human rights at UN forum

Statement calls on Saudi to release detained activists and cooperate with UN-led probe into murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

Mapping out the current Brexit hurdles

Tempting as it is to comment on the flurries of rumours flying around London and Brussels about what is (or, more accurately,

Germany resists European pressure to ease Saudi arms export halt

The fighter jet is at the centre of Germany’s tug-of-war with European allies over selling arms to Saudi Arabia.

We are not bots!’ In Berlin, thousands protest proposed EU regulation on internet upload filters

‘Upload filters’ would censor copyright-protected content upon upload March 2, 2019 demonstration in Berlin against Article

The EU should make train travel in the European countries less expensive and more attractive. So instead of (climate) taxing flight tickets, (Netherlands) lower tax on train travel. Train travel is relatively clean. Travelling should be a EU citizen right despite income. from europe


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