Ah well, “Turkey Ranks Worse in Rule of Law Index…

Turkey has ranked 109th in the WJP Rule of Law Index 2019, marking a degrade of eight ranks when compared to 2018. It has ranked the last among 13 countries in the group of Eastern European and Central Asian countries.
Turkey refuses accreditation renewal for senior German reporters

Decision to ban two senior journalists prompts protests from Berlin, which says the move is ‘incomprehensible’.
The future belongs to women in Turkey’s Foreign Ministry

Following the founding of the Republic, women have shined, assuming pioneering roles in a number of areas. Yet, somehow,
Bloomberg – Selcan Hacaoglu – Mar 1, 2:28 AM

Turkey has rejected a U.S. proposal to deliver one Patriot missile defense system by the end of 2019, which was conditional on Ankara abandoning a deal with Russia that’s strained ties between the NATO allies, two senior officials said on Friday

The Economist – Mar 1, 4:00 PM

A WOUNDED JIHADIST commander is spotted receiving treatment in a Turkish hospital near the border with Syria. A court awards compensation to a Kurdish villager beaten senseless by security officials. A writer accuses the government of fearmongering…

Food prices slashed as Turkey readies for local elections

President Erdogan told a campaign rally that rising food prices were a ‘terrorist attack’ by unidentified powers.

Turkish gov’t to sell cheaper products online

Turkey’s government will sell cheaper vegetables and fruits online besides their sales at physical points-of-sale set up in a

Turkey’s construction industry struggles on

Fantasy homes sitting vacant have become a stark reminder of Turkey’s financial struggle.

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