Now all good in Boston!

Boston Public Library!

I am settled and quite happy with my life now. Not a very social life but it is worthy for a limited period of time. In fact, I am kind of stressed with the writing deadlines. Not much, but I have to intensify my writing pace and since I have not much else to do, it can be done.

During the weekends I continue to explore Boston. Now that my basic problems are settled, I should say that Boston may become soon one of my most favorite cities. There are lots of cafes that you can read or study. Photogenic urban texture. Efficient public transportation. Clean, orderly but historic city. It is like heaven. I start the day at the MIT campus and end it at the Harvard Campus from time to time. I live in between two campuses.

Ah, one more thing. Interestingly enough, I am working to develop my cooking skills. Since I did not have any before, I like whatever progress I have.

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