Sweden sees microchip implant revolution

Microchip technology is getting under the skin of thousands of Swedes.

French President’s Promise to Crack Down on Anti-Semitism Could Threaten Critics of Israel

The French government will instruct police officers and magistrates to investigate critics of Israel who question its right to exist

Hungary’s Viktor Orbán is pouring cash into military sports and historical reenactments to boost patriotism

Historical re-enactors in Budapest in 2016. Photo courtesy of kormany.hu, the website of the Hungarian Government. The

The worst possible version of the EU Copyright Directive has sparked a German uprising

Last week’s publication of the final draft of the new EU Copyright Directive baffled and infuriated almost everyone, including the

Shamima Begum case: How do you deradicalise someone?

It comes amid debate over how to deal with British IS recruits, following the case of Shamima Begum.

rance anti-Semitism: Jewish graves desecrated near Strasbourg

Nearly 100 graves are damaged at a Jewish cemetery, ahead of marches against anti-Semitism.

Facebook, robot vacuum cleaner and pro-surveillance politician voted worst privacy intruders in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic Big Brother Awards ceremony in the Cross Club in Prague on 14 February 2019. Photo by Iuridicum

It is also the economy, stupid!’ The rise of economic euroscepticism in Central and Eastern Europe

Along comparable lines to Croatia, Latvia’s economy has not fully recovered from the recession of 2009-2011

Second big demonstration against article 11 and 13 in cologne today! from europe

A picture from the Carnival of Venice, which officially began last weekend from europe

Athens; 1910. from europe

London’s Canary Wharf from the air from europe

Belgrade continues expanding the pedestrian zone downtown from europe

Castle ruins Trosky, Czechia from europe


Earliest known photo of Doner Kebab, from 1855 in the Ottoman Empire from europe


Twitter tightens its political ad rules ahead of EU elections

Twitter is expanding its transparent ads policy to Europe ahead of the European parliament elections in May. The sweeping

Italy poll: Lega largest party of the country from europe


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