Hey Douglas – istiklal Re-Edit [and some #istanbul news]

I know, I know I am late to discover Hey Douglas. I have been listening to his remixes continuously nowadays. Such as this one


Article | Orhan Pamuk on Cihangir Mostly.

(Click map to enlarge)

Mavi Boncuk |
Nobel Laureate Orhan Pamuk: A love letter to Istanbul

Orhan Pamuk is a novelist and the winner of the 2006 Nobel Prize in Literature. His new book The Innocence of Memories (Faber & Faber; £14.99) is out now. 

The Telegraph
February 4, 2019

An Istanbul ‘Timekeeper’ Who Believes in Taking It Slow

Sevan Bicakci spent more than nine years creating the 85 pieces in his first watch collection.

Four New libraries will provide 24/7 service inIstanbul

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) plans to keep libraries open around the clock, particularly for students staying up late and offer free tea

Good morning from the Bosphorus from europe


Mecidiyeköy Madness – İstanbul from Turkey


A noon time nap from istanbul



Rainbow over Dolmabahce from istanbul


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