“3D City Modelling of #Istanbul and other news…


Wandering In Istanbul

A veteran of the Istanbul arts scene, Guleryuz has spent decades running alternative galleries and even comes with a family pedigree as the son of the
3D City Modelling of Istanbul

The Turkish city of Istanbul is developing a 3D city model mainly aimed at urban planning. The data sources used so far include airborne Lidar, aerial

Ukraine’s Newly Independent Church Blessed In Istanbul

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople has handed over a “tomos” of autocephaly to Metropolitan Epifaniy of the new Orthodox Church …

Istanbul, the flashpoint of Turkey’s crisis and looming elections

The stress is felt heavily in Istanbul, Turkey’s biggest city and commercial capital, which contributes 31% of the country’s gross domestic product and
Children of Istanbul, 1950. Photo by Ara Guler.

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