#Europe agenda: “German politicians targeted in mass data attack…

German Leaks

Hackers have just stolen a vast cache of highly sensitive data on the who’s who of the German political establishment. Since
German politicians targeted in mass data attack

Chancellor Angela Merkel is among hundreds of MPs and others reportedly hit by a “serious attack”.

The Yellow Vest movement in France: What’s at stake?

Yellow Vest protests on Place de la Bastille in Paris on December  8, 2018, by Actualitte on Flickr -CC-NC-20.

[OC] French protest parting to allow an ambulance safe passage from europe


Lello&Irmão bookstore inauguration, Porto, 1906 from europe

I was commissioned to illustrate a map of selected castles in Europe! from europe


Old Town, Stockholm [1280×720] from CityPorn

Massive anti-government demonstrations in Belgrade, Serbia which just took place today, on 29 December 2018. This is the 4th Saturday of protests in a row, and getting bigger. Author unknown. from europe

Best Christmas Market in Europe 2019 – Tallinn, Estonia from europe


Supersam – modernist supermarket in Warsaw, at Mokotowski Square, built in 1962. It was the first self-serve supermarket, and one of the greatest achievements of modernism in Poland. Demolished in 2006. from Lost_Architecture

Last piece of coal harvested from Germany’s last coal mine from pics


Banja Luka yesterday, photo by Vedran Ševčuk [NSFW] from europe

Today in Slovenia we celebrate Independence and Unity Day. We celebrate the official proclamation of the Slovenian independence from Yugoslavia that happened 28 years ago where 95% of the voters favoured the establishment of independent and sovereign nation. from europe


Mount Etna: Aerial footage shows damage from Italy quakes

Two earthquakes have left buildings damaged and people injured following the eruption of Mount Etna on Monday.

Brexit: How Europe does second referendums

As calls for a second vote on Brexit grow, the BBC looks at other countries which have voted twice.

Migrant crisis: Who is now rescuing migrants at sea?

Thousands of migrants are still losing their lives trying to reach Europe by boat. So why are there fewer search and rescue

[Ticker] Hungary’s president approves controversial overtime law

Despite public protests , Hungary’s president Janos Ader has signed a controversial new law that increases

Morocco tourist murders: Video appears genuine – Norway police

Men in the video say the killings in Morocco of two Scandinavian women are revenge for events in Syria.

Yellow Vests: Why Macron’s concessions aren’t enough for some

Demonstrations continue in Paris despite the French President’s wage increase and tax concessions.

Gatwick drones: Man and woman from Crawley held

A man and a woman from Crawley, aged 47 and 54, are in custody as the airport aims to return to normal.

Gatwick disruption: Chernobyl children land in time for Christmas

Their host families had feared the shutdown would prevent the children from enjoying two weeks of TLC.

Drone Wars: Battle of Gatwick from europe

Venice from above. from pics

Paris from europe

REGENT STREET, LONDON. 1960. The tradition of decorating Regent Street with Christmas lights began in 1954 after the Daily Telegraph reported that London looked ‘drab’ at Christmas. from ColorizedHistory

Ballerina in the Parisian metro #saaggo #saulaguilar from europe

Bike ride in Kreuzberg then (~1985) and now (2018) from berlin

Partisan hospital Franja, 75 years since accepting first patients from europe

Build 1928, Destroyed 1960. The Kaufhaus Schicken in Stuttgart was one of the best malls in the Germany, but despite international protests the city demolished it. from Lost_Architecture

Finnish cartoon on a European perspective of Brexit – and its likely outcome. from europe

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