Paying tributes to metal gods in Anaheim, CA

Wherever I go, I pay my tributes to metal gods (Do you remember my Black Metal sites visit in Norway?). Now I am thinking it has been 30 years I listen to Metallica and Slayer and others. While I was watching a documentary recently, Inside Metal: The Rise of L.A. Thrash Metal, I have realized that both Metallica and Slayer had their first concerts in Anaheim, Orange Country! However, as the documentary states, while Glam and more mainstream metal was popular around LA, Thrashers had to move and find stronger audiences in the Bay Area. Thus Metallica would move to San Fransisco soon. Anyways, I decided to go and visit where the concerts took place. Well, I already knew I would find those concert halls any more. They were burned down after a fire and city officials decided to close down those halls as they were not “a good effect” on the neighborhood. Fking conservatives everywhere. There is now a self-service storage place instead of those legendary halls like Radio City and Woodstock.

Speaking of metal, the best metal bar, I could find in Orange County is The House Of Metal/ Malone’s.  I went there a Saturday evening. It has two stages and bands perform one by one from one stage to another. It was a feast.

In more useful stuff, I have managed to pass last year’s record in the number of pages I read according to Goodreads.

I am writing you from another cafe discovery: Huskins Coffee Company. A nice but a little bit socially too-hygienic cafe. Still one can stop by and study as many customers do right now. Wifi is good, too!

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