#Europe agenda: Protests in Hungary continues (but also in Serbia and Albania…)

Hungary’s Fidesz leaders caught out by spontaneous protests

The demonstrations are into their seventh day and have drawn supporters from across the spectrum.
Hungarian protesters target broadcaster

Protesters angry at new labour laws turn their ire on the public broadcaster after MPs were ejected.

Protest in front of the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest on December 13, 2018. Photo by Atlatszo.hu / Márk Tremmel, CC BY-NC-SA 2.5.

Polish state TV: ‘Soros wants chaos in Hungary?’ from europe



Budapest, HU: Opposition representatives demand of screentime for their 5-point-list on the national TV channel failed during yesterday’s protest. The Rep’s were forcefully removed from the building, leaving their personal belongings behind. Meanwhile public TV casts irrelevant news to mask events. from europe

This is Hungary right now from europe

Today, 29 years ago, the revolution that would end communism in Romania started in Timisoara from europe


Maps of Britain showing the results of the Brexit referendum in 2016 and how the country would vote today : source AFP from europe

After 13 days, student protests for better education continue in Albania! from europe

29 years ago in Bucharest from europe

Anti-violence protests continue in Belgrade, after journalist survives assassination attempt

December 15 protest against violence in Belgrade, Serbia. Photo by Vesna Radojević , used with permission. Protests

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