#Europe agenda: “Thousands in Hungary protest PM Viktor Orban’s ‘slave law’…


Protesters wave Hungarian and EU flags shouting slogans such as ‘Don’t steal’ and ‘Independent courts’.
Hungarians rally again against ‘slave laws’

About 10,000 people take to the streets in Budapest to protest at a large increase in overtime work.

Hungarian protesters’ claims at the public media from europe

% who say it is important to be a Christian to truly share their national identity from europe

Average Salary in EU Before Tax from europe

Norwegian politican, Heidi Nordby Lunde on Brexit "Norway +" style. Source: Channel 4. from europe

Brussels protest over UN migration pact turns violent

Thousands attend a march called by Flemish right-wing parties over fears of increasing immigration.

Mass protests and parliamentary chaos in Hungary over “slave labour” law

Hungary’s far-right, xenophobic government rose to power by exploiting racism and economic anxiety, just like Trump — and just
This is Europe: An image of homelessness in Paris

Tourists flock to the French capital for Christmas, but what is it like to live on the streets of the city of love?

Hungary this afternoon (2018Dec) from europe


"Marianne" facing riot police in Paris protest from europe

Luxembourgish prime minister Xavier Bettel interviewed in german, english, french and luxembourgish from europe

Hungary’s third day of protesting from europe

”Snow” in european languages from europe

International tourist arrivals per capita in Europe from europe


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