Angela Merkel’s mixed legacy: Open-door policy, rise of far right

As Merkel hands CDU leadership to her successor, analysts say open-door immigration policy has given rise to far right.
German CDU elects Kramp-Karrenbauer as new party leader

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer will replace Merkel as leader of Germany’s Christian Democratic Union party.

Gilets jaunes: Are nationalists infiltrating the ‘yellow vests’?

Protesters from all sides of the French political spectrum have found a home in the “yellow vest” movement.
Unbelievable protest video shows Paris looking like a war zone

The Facebook-fueled anti-government protests in Paris , which began three weeks ago, starting off with a protest against high

France ‘yellow vest’ protests: Timeline of unrest

So far four people have died and hundreds have been injured during the protests across France.

Yellow vest protests: France’s Édouard Philippe seeks ‘unity’ after unrest

Édouard Philippe renews calls for dialogue after a fourth Saturday of protests marred by violence.

Yellow vest protests ‘economic catastrophe’ for France

Paris has been particularly badly hit, with cars burned, shops looted and major tourist sites closed.

France: Generation Identity, the far right and racist violence

Al Jazeera Investigations goes deep inside anti-immigrant far-right group Generation Identity.

The Power of the Yellow Vest

The Power of the Yellow Vest The New York Times The high-visibility garment that has become synonymous with the French

Haircuts? from funny

People are protesting on the streets of Budapest against the the ruling party. On the national television: "Huge crowd is cheering for Videoton (hungarian football team) on the streets of Budapest"… from europe

Four ways to describe an already very divided Northern Ireland. from europe

Map of communist parties in Europe. from europe



Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää! from europe


Happy National Day, Finland! from europe




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