Orhan Pamuk has a new book (Balkon) – another one on #İstanbul- that many might have missed…

Honestly, I have missed it although I am a Pamuk fan. Maybe because it is a visual work that consists of thousands of Istanbul photos he has taken… I have quickly checked out Amazon and Goodreads links and I could not see many reviews, too. Did anyone check it yet?

Amazon.com: Orhan Pamuk: Balkon

Istanbul panoramas from the author of My Name Is Red. In the winter of 2011 Nobel Prize–winning Turkish novelist Orhan Pamuk took 8,500 color photographs …
Mar 27, 2018 – Orhan Pamuk has 0 ratings and 0 reviews. Istanbul panoramas from the author of My Name Is RedIn the winter of 2011 Nobel Prize-winning 

Orhan Pamuk’s new photo book captures hometown of Istanbul from distance

Turkish novelist Orhan Pamuk has released a new 467-picture photo book of Istanbul, with shots of the city from a distance capturing the peaking

Case on Nigerian refugee Festus Okey murdered at Istanbul police station reopened after 11 years

The case on the murder of Nigerian refugee Festus Okey at Istanbul’s Beyoğlu police station in 2017 has been reopened after 11 years, with activists
16th Istanbul Biennial unveils title

The 16th Istanbul Biennial’s title and conceptual framework was announced by the curator Nicolas Bourriaud at a press conference on Dec. 11.

The Cartographer of Istanbul

The images in Orhan Pamuk’s new photography book convey “a mood of angst and uncertainty” while underscoring the Turkish Nobel laureate’s .

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