Sean Penn in town for a ‘Khashoggi murder documentary’… #journalism agenda

Sean Penn in town to make a documentary on Khashoggi murder and in order to get access, he is posing with a high-level AKP politician whose party leads a government who is the top journalist jailer in the world… 


Oscar-winner actor pictured filming in front of Saudi consulate, where journalist was murdered, Turkish media says.
Talking to a machine can feel safer as readers do not have to fear judgement or backlash. But there may be hidden dangers in trusting bots too much

Turkey media, between European solidarity and tolerance

The difficult situation of Turkey’s press told by well-known journalists, the effects of European solidarity initiatives, and the prospects for the future. A report of the event “Turkey’s Media Under Siege”, covered by OBCT


Hyperlocal, summaries, perspectives, scrollable video transcript: For the past year, the BBC’s research and development team has been pursuing workable options for mobile storytelling beyond the standard 800-word article. After 35 prototypes (and lots of tapping, swiping, and creating reusable contextual information), the four-person team — including a full-time journalist — has activated at least two new formats in the BBC’s reporting, with more lined up.

Two years in our industry can be the blink of an eye or half an eternity. While news organizations, business models, and viability can explode in a Facebook Watch flash, consumption habits haven’t changed that drastically — yet.

Americans still largely prefer to get their news via video in 2018, in very similar numbers from 2016:

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