#Anthropology roundup: “Claude Lévi-Strauss: Remembering the French anthropologist on his 110th birth anniversary…

Claude Lévi-Strauss: Remembering the French anthropologist on his 110th birth anniversary  Firstpost
Why Some People Thrive in Winter  The Atlantic

Those of us who learned to write in a (mostly) phonetic language learned to take it for granted that writing should correspond (roughly) to sound. Then we learned of the pictographs, ideographs, and logograms of the Chinese alphabet, or of Ancient Egyptian or Mayan, or of other non-phonemic orthographies, and we were forced to revise earlier assumptions. Those who pursue the study of symbolic systems even further will eventually come to meet khipu, the Incan system of record-keeping that uses intricately knotted rope.

Anthropologist visited remote North Sentinel tribe decades ago and survived  KSDK.comAn anthropologist who visited the remote Indian island were police say a remote tribe killed an American missionary using a bow and arrow formed a kind of …

First ancient DNA from mainland Finland reveals origins of Siberian ancestry in region  EurekAlert

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