#Cyberculture agenda: “Amazon workers held strikes across Europe on Black Friday…

Amazon workers across Europe took part in walkouts on Black Friday to protest what they say are unfair work conditions. Following similar demonstrations on Prime Day in July, employees in Spain, Italy, Germany and the UK went on strike over pay and

6 Questions From *The New York Times*’ Facebook Bombshell

Facebook has a lot of explaining to do: For starters, there’s Sheryl Sandberg’s next steps and the accusations about George Soros.

Facebook‘s recently-fired PR firm allegedly floated a story to journalists that Apple News was biased against Republicans. The company, Definers Public Affairs, made headlines this week after a bombshell New York Times report revealed that it was employed by Facebook to dig up dirt on critics and competitors. One of these competitors, according to documents obtained by CNN, was Apple News. Apple’s News app is pre-installed on all iOS devices, and features human editors working with AI to curate stories in a range of topics, from business, to fashion. According to CNN, the company pitched a story titled “Apple News Curators’…

Join Us For the Sixth Annual Aaron Swartz Day This Weekend at The Internet Archive

Join EFF and others on November 10 and 11 to celebrate the sixth annual Aaron Swartz Day, with a weekend of lectures, a virtual reality fair and a hackathon. This weekend we’ll join our friends at the Internet Archive in celebrating Aaron’s work as activist, programmer, entrepreneur, and political organizer.

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