#Cyberculture agenda: “Internet freedom around the world has fallen for the 8th year in a row :(

Tech-Bro Culture Was Written in the Code

Adapted from A People’s History of Computing in the United States by Joy Lisi Rankin. Out now from Harvard University Press. 

Thousands of Google employees walk out to protest harassment, inequality

Google employees today took to the streets in a massive protest. At 11:10 a.m., in every time zone in which the staged walkout took place, about 40 in total, Googlers left their offices and stood with colleagues to demand change. Rally organizers told The Cut: All employees and contract workers across the company deserve to be safe. Sadly, the executive team has demonstrated through their lack of meaningful action that our safety is not a priority. We’ve waited for leadership to fix these problems, but have come to this conclusion: no one is going to do it for us.
Workers around the globe protest company’s handling of sexual-harassment claims.

Portrait by AI program sells for $432,000

The AI-generated portrait of a fictional Frenchman sold for 45 times its original estimate.

Predpol (previoulsy) is a “predictive policing” company that sells police forces predictive analytics tools that take in police data about crimes and arrests and spits out guesses about where the police should go to find future crimes.

IBM today announced it would be acquiring iconic Linux firm Red Hat in a $34 billion all-cash deal. According to a joint statement issued by both companies, IBM will pay $190 for each share of Red Hat, with Big Blue intending to absorb its latest purchase into its Hybrid Cloud division. [NEWS] @IBM to acquire Red Hat and become the world’s leading #hybridcloud provider. https://t.co/goihRICRr3 https://t.co/G8SKS5gsVk pic.twitter.com/GJL4UmBu1B —

Goodbye Gab, a Haven for the Far Right

After the Squirrel Hill massacre, the tech industry needs to grapple with a major question: Do platforms like Gab radicalize attackers?

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