A look at my social media strategy nowadays…

I never quitted Facebook but my average time usage decreased gradually. Still, I have the highest engagement rate in Facebook whenever I post something personal. Facebook gained newer audiences and thus there is always a new group to engage with. Some of the earliest friends in FB disappeared but new ones showed up. Well, when I started accepting student requests, my friend list did grow fast, reaching 3K at the moment. But thanks to algorithms, it is bearable.

However, within Facebook, there is the Groups function that I like more. I regularly share relevant stuff on cryptocurrency here, (started after my graduate course on Cryptocurrencies) the academic news here,  (started for Graduate students at Bilgi media department) and about Gaming here, (started for Bilgi Game Design department) and departmental news here. (started for MA program, Public Relations and Corporate Communication at Bilgi). All groups are public. You can join but don’t mess with me!

If I post extra stuff, Erkan’s Field Diary’s Facebook page gets more engagement but I don’t do often recently. And SosyalKafa Facebook page suffers from inattention.

I have a few Blogspot blogs I use my personal archives. One for heavy metal news, one for Beşiktaş team news, one for academia news, one for popular culture videos from Turkey and finally one for cyberculture videos. As I skim through lots of online staff every day, I began to produce blogs.

This blog remains to be the main anchor of my digital existence. Since my sabbatical started, I am writing more personal stuff mostly categories in Erkan’s Habitus and Featured categories. In fact, this is what is read more but I can’t help but share other stuff: Turkish political agenda, Europe news, anthropology and journalism news roundups, and selection of news from digital communications. However, I tweet about new gadgets and software directly to Twitter and it is engaged more in this manner.

I am a relatively latecomer to Instagram and I probably share fewer Stories than I am expected to share.  I am very selective in sharing photos on Instagram. I prefer to share a nice photo of where I visit. As a token of I was there for my personal log. I keep most of my photos travel to myself which are stored and automatically categorized at Google Photos and some go to Google Maps. The latter has been collecting photos for a while. It sends you a weekly report. How many views your photos got. Some of my photos passed 100K views. So that’s where I like to contribute. You can check out yours through looking at “Your contributions”. But I like to share some silly and ephemeral images at the Instagram Stories section. As I said above, more social photos go to Facebook. I know if I shared them on Instagram, they could get more engagement for my account but I have my strategy. My own classification and I am glad I do not engagement all the time.

Oh dearTwitter. I like you but I had to tone down my political stuff. You know why. I share some digital media goodies. Nearly all my accounts are tied to Twitter so I share much stuff automatically. At some point, I was using it more dialogically but I guess I am not now. You never know, I always check the account there anyway. It is still the most public platform. My voice to a larger public. Let’s how it goes in near future…

I am fascinated with Google Photos. It is not a social media platform exactly. Still not easy to share but for personal records, it is a good archive. It provides unlimited storage and it automatically classified photos in different ways. So I save time.

I am a long time Reddit user but in a passive way. I look for images and particular kinds of information through the subreddits I subscribed.

I still don’t know what to do with Linkedin. I have more than 4K connections but it is not very engaging for me. I guess it is more useful for non-academic businesses. In the old days, there was a feature of gamification. You could vote for skills. I wish they would put it back.

I love Goodreads. I am not sure if I really know most of my “friends” there. As a bookworm, I am obsessed with reading statistics. I still have to read more than 3k pages to pass last year’s record. It is indeed a social platform but I rarely engage with other readers.

I love Academia.edu. I believe ResearchGate is more preferred by positive science people and the former is by social sciences. I think Academia.edu is more user-friendly. It is the only place where I present all my academic writings and I can see who does what with the articles.

I am a very late comer to Youtube and to all video making world. During my Ph.D. years, I happened to make many videos. with my Handycam. Some might be really interesting. I am in the process of uploading them to Youtube. But it will take some time to make them public. I am more interested in following recommended videos. Well, everyone is so critical of algorithms but I like the curated recommendations. I learn a lot both about world affairs, Americana and Turkey’s popular culture. Sometimes, I also create playlists such as “Movie Scenes I like”.

update: Dear Anıl Sayan reminded me that from the early days we have uploaded all our sosyalkafa TV show episodes to Youtube. Yes, he is right. Not exactly video-making but we offer a good archive of interviews with Turkey’s digittari here.

update: I forgot to mention Pinterest. Although interest in this declined rapidly in Turkey I keep and update some of my boards like İstanbul photos, metal music images, cryptocurrency memes….

I am also a loyal user of Foursquare and Swarm. After the former released the latter, many gave up playing it but I continued.

Finally, I am warming up for the Tripadvisor They have sinister emailing tactics (!) I ended up writing reviews. Still early stages. Still, Foursquare and Google Maps reviews are more user-friendly…

Well, I am sure I may forgetten some other platforms I use but this piece still gives an idea about my social media existence…


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