#journalism agenda: 2 reports- Trust in news organizations…. the state of nonprofit news in 2018….

Surveys about “media trust” suffer from a definitional problem. “Do you trust the media?” is a meaningful question only if we know what “the media” is. Is it The New York Times and CNN? Fox News and Breitbart? Occupy Democrats and your uncle’s memes on Facebook?

This is the state of nonprofit news in 2018

The nonprofit news sector is coming of age — and older organizations have an edge over the newcomers. But the recent entrants can still draw from their elders’ lessons. (Eat your vegetables — a.k.a. hire revenue-focused staffers.)

After a decade of concentrated growth, the nonprofit news sector now pulls in almost $350 million in total annual revenue, dominated in particular by the organizations started almost a decade ago, according to a new report by the Institute for Nonprofit News (nine years old itself). The organization boasts 180 members, and 88 out of the 149 invited participated in this survey.

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