The European Parliament has gathered in Strasbourg to debate all things Europe. But like the sneaky little, omnipresent, trickster it is, blockchain found a way to weasel its way into parliamentary discussions. It appears that MEPs are still heavily divided on how to approach the nascent technology. Discussions began when MEPs on the industry commission asked the European Commission how it plans to provide “legal certainty” to promote the use of blockchains, the BBC reports. There appears to be a few different schools of thought emerging in the EU when it comes to interpreting how blockchain should be approached. Romania’s…

From ‘Medicane’ to Norway rain: This week’s weather in photos

The tropics continued to show their force while a ‘Medicane”‘ brought widespread damage to parts of the Mediterranean.

Catalan protests: Separatists clash with police in Barcelona

Protesters were marking the first anniversary of the contested Catalan referendum.




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