Mass Surveillance Conference- 28 – 29 September, 2018- Istanbul [#MSConf2018]

Mass Surveillance Conference

We are talking Technology, Politics & DemocracyJoin us at #MSConf2018

Leading journalists, academics, business people, public-spirited digital security & privacy experts and civil society come together in Istanbul for an intensive two days of brainstorming to talk about the potential impacts of data and technology on the future of our democracy.

The Marmara Hotel, Taksim, Istanbul
 28 – 29 September, 2018

Please join us in this interactive and lively discussion.

* Registration is required.

** This program is organized by Freedom Research Association and supported by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation and ELF Ralf Dahrendorf Roundtable.
*** For the details, click here.

is an interdisciplinary conference1.        to explore the possible short and long-term effects of the use of mass surveillance technologies on human rights, governance, statehood, and the society.

2.        To address relevant responses; policy or other, to ensure better coordination vis-à-vis increasingly complex security challenges presented by increased capacity and willingness on the part of states to interfere with the lives of individual

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