Thousands of workers in Istanbul’s 3rd airport constructed protested inhumane working conditions and hundreds arrested…

Not only they are not paid for six months but work conditions are terrible. As you can guess the government and company and their puppets accused workers to be part of some international conspiracy…


BBC news in Turkish here


A pro-labor newspaper’s detailed account here in Turkish

Reuters – Reuters Editorial – Sep 15, 3:19 AM

ISTANBULISTANBUL (Reuters) – Turkish police have detained hundreds of workers protesting over labor conditions at Istanbul’s new airport, a giant project championed by President Tayyip Erdogan and due to open next month, a union leader said on


Turkey fires tear gas at Istanbul airport workers: Report

ISTANBUL — Turkish security forces on Friday fired tear gas at construction workers at Istanbul’s new airport who were protesting dangerous working …

Police raids new Istanbul airport site, detains 600 strikers

Turkish police and gendarmes launched an operation in the construction site of Istanbul’s third airport on Saturday morning and detained 600 people

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