Why has Turkey’s currency collapsed? – video

Turkey is on the verge of an economic crisis. The country’s currency hit a record low, dropping by more than 40%. Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is pointing the finger at the US. Although US sanctions and tariffs contributed to the lira’s retreat, many economists believe Erdoğan’s authoritarian control over monetary policy has pushed Turkey’s economy towards danger

The New York Times – Peter S. Goodman – Aug 18, 1:02 PM

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, then Turkey’s prime minister, in 2008. As Mr. Erdogan sought to secure a place for his country in the European Union, he presented himself as a moderate and modernizing Muslim leader.CreditLynsey Addario for The New York Times


The Washington Post – Steven A. Cook – Aug 17, 9:56 AM

In July, a deal to release an American minister jailed in Turkey came apart because, a White House official told The Washington Post, Turkey was changing the deal and “ upping the ante.” A few weeks later, President Trump tweeted that


Reuters – Reuters Editorial – Aug 17, 1:49 PM

The crisis between the United States and Turkey, a NATO ally and traditional bulwark of American policy in the Middle East, is serious. While the relationship between them has often been fraught, the two countries have generally managed to keep


US-Turkey row: Pastor a ‘pawn in personal feud’

The diplomatic row over detained US pastor Andrew Brunson has split two Nato allies, Tara McKelvey writes.

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