Officials cite a Muslim couple’s refusal to shake hands with the opposite sex in their interview.
An interpreting firm had cut short her job interview after she refused to shake hands with a man.
Portugal proves that austerity doesn’t work

Economists like Alberto Alesina and Silvia Ardagna reshaped the world when their theories of “expansionary austerity” were put into effect after the 2008 crisis: the idea that governments could “increase taxes, cut spending, and grow strongly” was powerfully tempting to the world’s leaders, who saw in them a way to pull out of a recessionary spiral without limiting the number of yachts the oligarchs they depended on could afford.

Swedish citizens of Turkish decent have started to cast a ballot for Sweden’s upcoming elections in Turkey’s Central Anatolian province of Konya’s Kulu district.

Steve Bannon tries to sleaze his way into European far-right, they tell him to go home

Poor Sloppy Steve. After losing his Rasputian status with Trump and the Mercers, he tried to peddle his off-brand fascism with nationalist Europeans. But it turns out even these unsavory characters think the only thing Bannon is good at is making things worse.

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