#Europe agenda: “Boris Johnson burka row explained..”Heatwaves and more…

Boris Johnson burka row explained

Why the MP’s comments have sparked an internal Conservative Party investigation.
Hungary and the end of democracy

Hungary has taken its leave of democracy and has transformed itself into a dictatorship.

Gabor Vona, president of the Jobbik party, marks the 170th anniversary of the 1848 Hungarian revolution against the Austrian Empire, March, 2018. Attila Volgyi/Press Association. All rights reserved.

Since Viktor Orbán was returned to the office of Prime Minister of Hungary in May 2010, he and his party Fidesz – Magyar Polgári Szövetség (Fidesz-MPSZ; Hungarian Civic Alliance) have transformed the political system of Hungary in a sustained way.

Burned cars fuel Swedish election debate

Sweden’s first big party leader TV debate ahead of September elections was marked by the burning of dozen of cars in cities across the south-west of the country.
Nicola and Lisa Henton-Mitchell survived the bridge collapse with their two children in Genoa.

Sweden cars: 80 set on fire by gangs in several cities

Dozens of vehicles were set ablaze in multiple cities overnight, in an apparent coordinated action.
The great Greek wildfires

With incentives for property speculators being as high as ever and budgets shrunk to a bare minimum, the Greek fire brigade might not have faced its hardest test yet.

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras pledges demolition of 3,200 illegal constructions in Attica region in wake of deadly wildfires, Lavrio, Aug. 7, 2018. Marios Lolos/Press Association. All rights reserved.

As the heatwave affecting Europe continues, forecasters say a respite can be expected in some areas.
Many European temperatures exceed the normal range, especially at night. And there’s more to come.
Forecasters expect temperatures of 46-47C in some parts of Portugal, as three die of heatstroke in Spain.
Soaring temperatures are taking their toll on everyone from sprout farmers to zoo animals.

Too hot? In 1858 London became a stinking sewer

Temperatures hit the 30s and there were no proper drains, bringing flies, disease and pa

Europe heatwave: Why are Spain and Portugal so hot?

With southern Europe baking in a heatwave the record temperature for the continent could be broken.

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