A building collapses right in the middle of the city… #istanbul news roundup…

Increasing corruption in local governments…

Look what is done to Yassıada

The religion of Concrete.

A new Nusr-Et steak house in Istanbul, which has hit worldwide fame thanks to its eccentric founder known as “Salt Bae,” has been fined by Turkish authorities for its advertisement that was recently slammed as an “insult to history.”

Are ‘global cities’ an antidote to populism and nationalism? Istanbul offers some hope.

In cities like Istanbul, change briefly seemed possible. The odds, nevertheless, were stacked in favor of a government that controls the media,

10 impressive start-ups from Istanbul to watch

A city of the ages that bridges Europe with Asia, Istanbul has been at the centre of world history for two millennia and has also been known as
Turkish police have saved 645 people from jumping off the bridges in Istanbul over the last three years, according to security sources.
Huge thunderclouds caused an electric storm in Turkey’s Marmara region, particularly hitting Istanbul with thousands of lightning bolts in the early hours of July 24.

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