“Jailed MP Berberoğlu cuts all communication with all visitors in protest… A judiciary roundup…

William Armstrong tweeted: “Eye-catching anti-coup attempt monument in Sındırgı, Balıkesir https://t.co/pOXQqfO2XS


Jailed lawmaker Enis Berberoğlu said he would cut all communication with his family, lawyers, and fellow lawmakers in a declaration he made via his lawyers on July 22, protesting the Court of Cassation’s July 20 rejection of a demand to stop legal proceedings against him.
HDP İstanbul MP Ahmet Şık could not complete his speech due to the attack of the AKP İzmir MP Alpay Özalan. Şık has been given a penalty of not attending two parliamentary sessions by the votes of the AKP MPs.

Turkey ends state of emergency but continues crackdown

The state of emergency introduced after the failed coup in 2016 ended on Thursday morning – but a new terror bill will maintain some of its measures.

Turkey ends state of emergency after two years

The measures, in place since a failed coup in 2016, saw tens of thousands arrested or fired from jobs.

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