In the meantime, “European Parliament rejects copyright bill”. #Europe agenda.

European Parliament rejects copyright bill

In a 318 to 278 vote, the European Parliament today shot down proposals that would have made online publishers liable for users’ copyright infringement and made even linking to other websites fraught with legal risk. The bill, widely reviled for its service to legacy media interests and general ignorance of the internet itself, now goes back to committee.

The European Parliament has rejected a proposed update to its 2001 Copyright Directive, after passing the initial vote at the legal affairs committee on June 20.

Timeline: Key moments in Brexit process

Here is what happened sin
The New York Times – Ellen Barry – Jul 1, 8:30 PM

COPENHAGEN — When Rokhaia Naassan gives birth in the coming days, she and her baby boy will enter a new category in the eyes of Danish law. Because she lives in a low-income immigrant neighborhood described by the government as a

The EU’s disastrous Copyright Reform, explained by its lovers and haters

The EU’s extremely controversial Copyright Reform — which might introduce upload filters, ancillary copyright, and restrictions on text and data mining — will finally go to a vote on June 20. It’s not certain how the vote will go as members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are still split on key articles of the reform, but whatever the conclusion will be, it’s certain that it’ll greatly affect the future of the internet in the EU and beyond. The result will form the EU Parliament’s stance on copyright and will have huge implications for the final stage of the law making…

The new Spanish Cabinet: on the road to female empowerment?

The push for women’s rights and gender equality might be on the brink of a major transformation in Spain. The country’s new leader, Pedro Sánchez, formed a cabinetwhich has drawn international attention for its high number of female ministers: 11 out of 17 positions, or 64.7 percent. Whether this cabinet reflects real change for women in Spanish society remains to be seen. Spanish former Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, leader of the conservative Popular Party (PP) and the politician who led Spain through its worst economic crisis in living memory, was ousted on June 1 (The New York Times).

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