#cyberculture agenda: “A Cooperative Vision for Open Access… “The “upset girlfriend” in famous meme…

by Marcel LaFlamme, Dominic Boyer, Kirsten Bell, Alberto Corsín Jiménez, Christopher Kelty, and John Willinsky

Over the past two weeks, public allegations of abuse at the (formerly) open-access journal HAU have touched off what one scholar has called “a fractal socio-technical controversy exploding in all directions.” Anchored, in part, by the Twitter channel #hautalk, responses from scholars across career stages have grappled with issues from power and privilege in a time of academic precarity to the status of the anthropological canon. Projects with no institutional connection to HAU have come forward to explain how they operate and what values guide their work. And while few have seriously suggested that the failings of one journal should cast doubt on the viability of open-access publishing more broadly, at least one commenter has lamented that we do not yet have a sustainable and ethical model of open access around which to organize.


A Twitter account compiled upset girl’s other visual… All here:

On Twitter, Ernie Smith created a great thread with many stock photos of the famous “girl upset that her boyfriend is looking at another girl” meme. She is easily shocked!


Kudos to the Gates Foundation, seriously: after spending $775m on the Intensive Partnerships for Effective Teaching, a Big Data initiative to improve education for poor and disadvantaged students, they hired outside auditors to evaluate the program’s effectiveness, and published that report, even though it shows that the approach did no good on balance and arguably caused real harms to teachers and students

As blockchain tech continues to find growing popularity, a large number of mainstream financial institutions are jumping in to provide their insights and opinions. But despite years of experience in the world of finance, it seems that many of these institutions are still struggling to understand the pros and cons of cryptocurrencies.

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