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Posted by on June 24th, 2018
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Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport sees busy hours due to landmark Turkey elections

Disabled and elderly cast votes via mobile ballot boxes in Turkish elections

4.52: İyi Party local branch president killed in Erzurum. via

Legal proceedings launched against 10 foreigners who reportedly posed as election observers


Explainer: Turkey’s pivotal election



Over 600 foreign journalists to follow Turkey’s polls




A list of allegations here


Muharrem İnce calls citizens to protect their votes.

8 km walking to vote. via https://twitter.com/kepenekevrimm/status/1010817778360705032

Senior citizens voting. via https://twitter.com/hasanmersan/status/1010794556349173761

As of 1:38 pm, the election process goes relatively smoothly. Only in Suruç, Urfa there seems to be considerable problems. Higher Election Council just made a statement. They are investigating. HDP members are allegedly beaten by AKP fanatics.








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