In case you need, “Alternatives to Google products” – #Cyberculture roundup…

Alternatives to Google products

Restore Privacy collects alternatives to Google products: “It’s been fun Google, but it’s time to say goodbye.” And it’s not just FirefoxDuckDuckGo and Tutanota; privacy-oriented options include NextCloud for storage, Matomo for web anaytics, Etar for calendars, and HookTube for relaying YouTube videos.

[Visual Data] Top 100 European places where Dieselgate ‘kills’ most

In Europe, more than a third of those killed each year by toxic particulate matter – associated with unlawful diesel emissions exceeding the EU limits – live in about 100 conurbations, mainly in Italy, France, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain.

As the debate on cryptocurrency regulation continues to heat up, the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum has decided to host a special ‘Ask me Anything’ (AMA) session to answer your questions about the future of the industry. In an announcement on its website, the Blockchain Observatory said it will devote 90 minutes to discuss some of the most pressing issues in the cryptocurrency space on June 18 at 6PM (CEST). Among other things, the announcement says the session will focus on the fundamentals of blockchain technology, its use cases, and what to expect in the years ahead.

The BBC warns that new EU copyright rule will break the internet

The BBC has weighed in on the debate over Article 13, a controversial last-minute addition to the EU’s new Copyright Directive that will be voted on in 12 days; under Article 13, European sites will have to spy on every word, sound, picture, and video their users post and use a black-box copyright algorithm to decide whether or not to censor it.

How good are Google’s new AI ethics principles?

Today Google released a new set of AI ethics principles, which were prompted, at least in part, by the controversy over the company’s work on the US military’s Project Maven. This post contains some quick preliminary analysis on the strengths and weaknesses of those principles.

This is where internet memes come from

Two Reddit and 4chan communities are especially good at spreading and “weaponizing” them.

If you think blockchain technology is boring, this Twitter user is out there to prove you wrong. Lightning K0ala has created an online graffiti board, called, to show the power of Lightning Network (LN) in processing micro-transactions. For those who do not know, Lightning Network is a layer that sits on top of Bitcoin’s blockchain to make the transactions cheaper and faster. While the technology is still in its nascent stage, it is often touted as a solution to Bitcoin’s scalability problems.

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