#Cyberculture agenda: A Website -GDPR Hall of Shame…


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The „European Union Experience“ thanks to GDPR

Epic Bill Gates e-mail rant from 2003

In 2003 Bill Gates tried to download Microsoft Movie Maker from Microsoft.com. His confusing, frustrating, futile experience prompted him to write a terrifically scorching email to the managers in charge of the project. It starts off pretty mild, with just a hint of the brutally funny sarcasm to come.


Facebook made a short film about its fight against fake news

Facebook is determined to show that it’s serious about fighting fake news and other forms of misinformation, and it just took an unusual step to get there: it made a short film. The 11-minute Facing Facts video explains the social network’s past and.

Federal judge: Trump violates the Constitution when blocking Twitter users

New York federal judge Naomi Reice Buchwald ruled that president Donald Trump is violating the Constitution when he blocks people on Twitter.

Lawsuit Against President Trump Brought by Twitter Users He Blocked

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