#cyberculture agenda: “After Meltdown and Spectre, Another Scary Chip Flaw Emerges…

After Meltdown and Spectre, Another Scary Chip Flaw Emerges

A new processor vulnerability known as Speculative Store Bypass could expose user data on a huge swath of devices.

Mark Zuckerberg agrees to EU meetings a day after ditching the UK

Today, Antonio Tajani, the president of the European Parliament, announced that Mark Zuckerberg will meet with representatives of the European Parliament. “The founder and CEO of Facebook has accepted our invitation and will be in Brussels as soon as..

Earlier this month, Parliament sternly warned Mark Zuckerberg that if they continued to ignore their polite requests for him to testify, they’d issue a “summons” that could result in his being dragged to Westminster in chains the next time he set foot in the UK

Today, Alphabet announced that Project Shield is widening its scope. The free service is now expanding to include protecting any registered political organization from DDoS attacks. This includes candidates, political action committees and campaigns.

The Complete History And Future of Robots

Here’s the WIRED guide to catch you up on everything you should know about robotics.

The Senate Voted to Stand Up for Net Neutrality, Now Tell the House to Do the Same

The Senate has voted to restore the 2015 Open Internet Order and reject the FCC’s attempt to gut net neutrality. This is a great firs

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