#journalism agenda: “People who are delusional, dogmatic, or religious fundamentalists are more likely to believe fake news…

The growing stream of reporting on and data about fake news, misinformation, partisan content, and news literacy is hard to keep up with. This weekly roundup offers the highlights of what you might have missed.

People prone to psychosis are also more likely to believe fake news. Is there a certain kind of person who is more likely to believe fake news? Yes: “Belief in fake news was associated with increased endorsement of delusion-like ideation,” according to a working paper from Yale’s Michael Bronstein, Gordon Pennycook, Adam Bear, Tyrone Cannon, and David Rand, presented at the recent Schizophrenia International Research Conference.


Google announced a shiny new iteration of the Google News app on Tuesday as part of its I/O developer conference (here’s a good collection of all the other announcements from I/O, which runs until Thursday). Google News has started rolling out and should be available to basically everyone by “next week”; the app will replace the existing Google Play Newsstand and News & Weather apps.


Global press freedom on downward trend: World Press Freedom Index

2018 World Press Freedom Index, which is ranking freedom of journalists in 180 countries, raises safety concerns.
A crackdown continues with more staff from Cumhuriyet, an independent paper, are convicted.

The maximum penalty for breaking Europe’s coming General Data Protection Regulationlaws — a massive revamp of the EU’s data privacy requirements, with a worldwide impact — is the higher of the following two options: €20 million, or 4 percent of a company’s worldwide annual revenue.

Pricey paywalls: Bloomberg.com will now be $35/month

If you like Bloomberg.com, do you $35-a-month like it? That’s what the company is hoping: On Wednesday it rolled out a metered paywall starting at $35 a month, with 10 free articles a month. The Wall Street Journal’s Ben Mullin reported here, and here’s the note from Bloomberg editor-in-chief John Micklethwait; in part:

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