The collapse of a 15 July Coup Attempt imagery.

A widely used imagery was that a woman in chadors took a lorry and drove with a truckload of citizens to resist against the military coup. The story got complicated when the same woman, Şerife Boz, applied to become an MP in the June 2018 elections. In her application form, she stated that job as a “veteran of the 15 July coup attempt”. This prompted an angry tweet by one of the relatives of a citizen who died during the coup attempt that Ms. Boz was a fraud. Then came a tweet storm of a Anatolian Agency correspondent, Saliha Sultan, admitting that she took the famous photos below not on the first but the second day of the coup attempt. She saw the truck parked in the Taksim Square and took its photos while Ms. Boz was in the driver seat. It appears that on the night of the coup attempt Ms. Boz was not driving and leading people to resist. In fact, it seems she is not able to drive at all… I guess this is just one of the many things to be unrevealed in time…


News in Turkish here and a good analysis again in Turkish here.

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