A weekend in Bursa, Eskişehir, Han

In an hour I am flying to Lisbon for “ICELAB 2018 Lisbon- a conference on innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship”. It started as an Erasmus IP project. This will be the fifth one and I have attended three so far. A week in Lisbon is a great escape. Though I will be coaching one of the teams composed of students from 7 countries and I will be working on an article on blogging. Still, nice to think of being in Lisbon. But before that, last week I was on another but domestic excursion: First Bursa for workshop, then Eskişehir and then Han, a town of Afyon where some ancient monuments found. Here is the Google Photo album for that weekend.


Let me just share this:

This place is called Yazılıkaya. A relic from the ancient Anatolian kingdom of Phrygia.  In fact, all the valley has to be visited. Check out TripAdvisor for that.

Anyways, let me be on the road.

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