#Europe agenda: “Estonia’s President Talks AI, Genetic Testing, and Dealing with Russia…

Kersti Kaljulaid, Estonia’s youngest and first female president, lays out her plans for moving the country from a traditional state to a digital society.
Map with number of mosques in Europe


French rail workers and students are protesting against President Emmanuel Macron’s reform plans. The strike at the SNCF has already paralysed parts of the country and university building are now being occupied. European media discuss what is at stake for French society, and the French president.

Viktor Orban: Hungary PM re-elected for third term

Hungarian right-winger Viktor Orban claims a landslide victory in general elections.
The country goes to the polls on Sunday, but the policies of Viktor Orban divide Hungarians.

Debate: Macron’s showdown with the unions

Employees of the French state railway SNCF began a three-month industrial action a week ago, bringing train traffic to a halt across much of the country. In protest against Macron’s reform plans, which among other things aim to abolish privileges for SNCF employees, the rail workers plan to strike two out of every five workdays until the end of June. Is this industrial dispute driven by outdated egoism or commitment to the public good?

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