This weekend witnessed “Turkish celebrities visit Hatay in support of Afrin operation….

Hard to interpret this scene…
Turkish celebrities on April 1 visited a province bordering Syria to meet and support soldiers taking part in Turkey’s “Operation Olive Branch” in northwestern Syria.
More photos here
BBC – Apr 1, 7:10 AM

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan have traded barbs over deadly clashes on the Gaza border. Sixteen Palestinians were killed on Friday after Israeli soldiers opened fire on some violent

‘Thousands could die’: female British fighter urges support for Syria’s Kurds

Rûken Renas, like Anna Campbell who died last week, is one of handful of UK women in the all-female YPJ units

Interviewing with Habertürk TV channel, Afrin residents have talked about Free Syrian Army, the channel has translated as YPG.

Emboldened Turkey Pushes Deeper into Syria, but Risks Abound

Turkey’s expanding campaign makes it one of the big players in the seven-year conflict, but that comes with all the hazards of embroilment in a foreign war.
Wall Street Journal – Dion Nissenbaum – Mar 21, 8:55 PM

WASHINGTON—Federal prosecutors have dropped charges against 11 of 15 members of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s security team who were accused in connection with the beating of protesters during their visit to Washington last year

Anna Campbell’s death in Syria was futile, but her passion was admirable | Simon Jenkins

The humanitarian sympathy she showed by leaving Britain to fight for the Kurds should not be dismissed“She wanted to create a better world and would do everything in her power to do that.” The words of Anna Campbell’s father on her death in Syria convey the heartbreak any parent would feel. She was, he said, “young, idealistic, passionate, brave, determined”. He was “in pieces”.

It has been claimed with the photos shared by TAF on Twitter that Afrin operation hasn’t led to any destruction. The photos shared by news agencies demonstrate another view.

Waves of suffocation: two years of the EU-Turkey deal

Two years ago Chios transformed from a waypoint into a detention centre. A local resident asks, was stripping the island of its humanity worth it?

A refugee on Chios, March 2018. Photo by Mustafa Jado. All rights reserved.

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