#Cyberculture agenda: “RSS Readers Are Due for a Comeback” Yes! – Wow- “Physical Sales Of Music Outsell Digital Downloads For The First Time Since 2011 In 2017

Vinyl continues to still be popular, streaming is still killing it.

After years of letting algorithms make up our minds for us, the time is right to go back to basics.

RSS was a revelation for blogging and online media; we got our first RSS feed in 2001 and I have relied heavily on RSS feeds to write this site (and stay informed) for nearly two decades now; in 2005, Google bet heavily on RSS with its Google Reader product, which quickly eclipsed every other reader, so that by the time they killed it in 2013, there wasn’t anything sophisticated, robust and well-maintained to switch to


Facebook has been updating its privacy settings for more than a decade. Will this time be different?

Social media use in 2018 charted

Here’s a chart of social media usage from Pew Research. YouTube and Facebook are by far and away ahead of the pack, but Facebook’s been stagnant for a few years, at least in the U.S.

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