update- confirmed- If it is true, Turkey will not have a “mainstream media” even on paper. [Claim: Doğan Media Group is sold to Demirören Group for 1,2 bn USD.

Financial Times – Mar 21, 12:40 PM

A Turkish press baron has agreed to sell his outlets to a businessman with ties to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, dealing a blow to a media landscape dominated by pro-government newspapers and television channels. Dogan Holding, which is owne

News [in a strong rumor manner] in Turkish is on T24, Sözcü and a Twitter TT.

Doğan Media Group (DMG) includes leading newspapers like Hürriyet. It has the only national news agency that could challenge news monopoly of official Anatolian Agency. Demirören group is notorious pro-government. Without pretending, Demirören fired all critical journalists when he had acquired Milliyet and a few other dailies…

Let’s see if this news is verified. Then I will talk about how mainstream DMG was…

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