Heartwarming scenes. Şahin Alpay with his family after his release… Banksy in support of Zehra Doğan…

Turkey’s top court rules for second time that rights of journalist Şahin Alpay were violated   

Turkey’s Constitutional Court ruled on March 16 for a second time that the rights of arrested writer Şahin Alpay have been violated.

Support for Jailed Journalist Zehra Doğan from Banksy

Banksy has projected the painting which caused the journalist Zehra Doğan to stand trial over his graffiti with the note “Sentenced to 2 years 9 months and 22 days in jail for painting this picture.”

Banksy mural in New York highlights case of jailed Turkish artist

Zehra Doğan was reportedly imprisoned for her painting of a damaged Turkish city

Banksy has unveiled a mural in New York highlighting the case of a Turkish artist who was jailed for nearly three years over a painting.

Banksy art honours jailed Kurdish painter

The anonymous artist reveals a new work in New York, drawing attention to a jailed Kurdish painter.

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