Some Alternative Social Media URLs

The list is taken from an article I have just read

Gehl, R. W. (2015). The case for alternative social media. Social Media+ Society, 1(2), 2056305115604338.

WWW sites

GNU social:
•• This is the codebase for a large range of federated microblogging sites.

Independent Microblogging Service:
•• This is an example installation of GNU social.

Quitter:,, and
•• Quitter is a specific version of the GNU social software, meant to closely mimic the interface of Twitter.


•• Like GNU social, Diaspora is a federated system. It is installed on a range of servers around the world.

•• is also a federated system.

These sites are only accessible with the i2prouter installed. Learn more about this software at
ID3NT: id3nt.i2p
Visibility: visibility.i2p

Onion sites
These sites can be accessed using Tor. Research for this article was drawn from interviews with several Tor hidden service-based
social networking site users and administrators. With one exception, these interviews were conducted on condition that
I do not publicize these sites.
Galaxy2: http://w363zoq3ylux5rf5.onion/


You can find more here at

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