Some Blue Men in #istanbul…

Blue Man Group draws crowds on Istanbul streets

The Blue Man Group caught Istanbul’s attention on Feb. 12 as they performed on the city’s streets ahead of their first ever show in Turkey at the Zorlu Performance Hall. Having taken selfies with locals, the group also toured Istanbul’s iconic Spice Bazaar in the Eminönü neighborhood. The Blue Man
In other news: 

Turkish government says 27 workers killed in Istanbul’s third airport construction

The Turkish Labor Ministry has announced that 27 workers have been killed in the construction of Istanbul’sthird airport since it began in May 2015. “Some 27 workers have been killed in various incidents involving health struggles and road accidents during the third Airport’s Construction since it began

Demolishing work at Istanbul’s historic Atatürk Cultural Center kicks off

Demolishing works at the Atatürk Cultural Center (AKM) began on Feb. 13 to replace one of Istanbul’slandmark buildings with a cultural complex that will include an opera house, an exhibition center and other facilities. Heavy construction vehicles arrived at the site on Feb. 13 and full-scale
Mavi Boncuk | Love letter Istanbul Archaeological Museum

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