A televangelist is the pretext for future censorship over web broadcasting (that might include Netflix…) – A judiciary roundup…

Turkey’s top media watchdog, the Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK), ordered on Feb. 6 to impose a fine and cease broadcasting five times for the channel of controversial TV personality Adnan Oktar, who is known abroad as Harun Yahya.
Times Higher Education (THE) – Feb 10, 9:02 AM

Many of us take for granted our freedom to express opinions and to sign petitions about various social and political issues, including those that criticise government policy. This is no longer the case for people in Turkey, including academics.

Four Freedoms Awards – Nedbase – www.nedbase.nl

The award for Mr. Önderoğlu is motivated by his tireless and persistent dedication to defend the freedom of speech and expression. As correspondent for Reporters Without Borders in Turkey and as editor of independent press agency Bianet

civilrightsdefenders.org – Feb 8

Civil Rights Defenders is pleased to announce that the Turkish human rights defender Murat Çelikkan has been awarded the Civil Rights Defender of the Year Award 2018. Murat Çelikkan is a journalist by profession, and one of the most

Reuters – Feb 6, 2:07 PM

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States said on Tuesday it was ‘deeply troubled’ by Turkey’s re-arrest of the chairman of the local arm of Amnesty International, and called on its NATO ally to end its state of emergency and safeguard the rule of

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