From Lviv to Eskişehir and back to Istanbul….

I had started writing this when I and my brother, Hakan was in Lviv, Ukraine on new year’s eve. Then added Eskişehir, Turkey as I went there for thesis jury membership. Still more days passed, and I could not continue, finish up and publish. I have realized that I have not been posting for several days-

Lviv, Ukraine has recently become a tourist attraction for many Turkey (Ukraine not asking for a visa may also be effective) but I feel like it is a little bit overrated. After passing a new year eve night at Prague, I guess you should try another town. However, it is peaceful. I and my brother, Hakan needed some rest and it is working well.

Hand-made chocolate and coffee are the best things we have found and we consumed a lot.

When I am in a modern hotel room with particular facilities like good wifi, clean and minimalist environment, close to city center, I feel more productive and cosmopolitan.

I have to admit. One of the reasons I am not posting might be that I have played too much of Civilization VI

I have been thinking of going back to original blogging style I had in the first years. And there are some major happenings in my life. I have to narrate them. I will do that as soon as possible. But right now I am under the normal stress of meeting deadlines for a co-authored article on Qatar crisis, a review of “collective intelligence studies and a revised introduction to new business models for journalism chapter.

In the meantime, there are so many things happening in Turkey. I feel guilty -but also some pain- not writing about them. Well, let me go back to my writings but hopefully, I will be back- and I wonder who still reads here. I have some guesses:)

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