#Europe agenda: Deadly storms… France vs. Fake News…

Deadly storm blasts across Europe, killing three

Three people die and at least 20 are injured as high winds pummel most of western Europe.
Social media could face tougher rules on content during elections, the French president says.

France and Switzerland hit by Storm Eleanor

The storm has caused fallen trees and damage to infrastructure across France and Switzerland

A far-right revival in Central Europe

The electoral success of the Austrian far-right signals a resurgence of nationalism and xenophobia in Central Europe.

How Italian women are organising against ‘obstetric violence’

This gender-based violence, perpetrated by health workers, is widespread In Italy. A recent survey said it impacts one in five mothers.

Credit: Obstetric Violence Observatory.Eight years ago, Alessandra Battisti’s water broke. She walked into a hospital in Rome, confident that she would receive quality care. Several days later, she left the building in a wheelchair. She was in severe pain and struggled to lift her newborn daughter.

German AfD MPs under fire for anti-Muslim New Year’s Eve messages

Police investigate two far-right politicians over alleged hate speech in new-year messages.
During its six-month EU Council presidency Bulgaria hopes to speed up EU accession for the western Balkan states. In Sofia’s view Serbia, Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia should be given clear prospects of joining the Union. Commentators find the initiative praiseworthy – but aren’t convinced that it will succeed.

Iceland Left-Green leader is new PM

Katrín Jakobsdóttir gets a coalition deal after the former cabinet fell in a row over a paedophile.

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