New gov’t decrees seem to have legitimized paramilitaries in Turkey:(


The latest of Turkey’s state of emergency government decrees were published in the Official Gazette on Sunday, not only purging thousands of civil servants from their jobs, but also granting legal immunity to ‘those who took to the streets during

A new state of emergency decree released on Dec. 24 providing immunity to civilians who fought against last year’s coup attempt and terrorist acts that followed it has triggered a fresh debate in Turkey.
The latest decision requiring terror convicts or suspects to wear a uniform in court appearances has been taken by public demand, Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdağ has said.

Letters to Osman Kavala

HDP and CHP MPs, rights defenders, journalists and artists have prepared a diary for imprisoned businessperson Osman Kavala.
RSF – Dec 22, 1:31 AM

Hearings in the case against 17 Cumhuriyet employees will resume on 25 December, while Önderoğlu and fellow defendant Şebnem Korur Fincancı are due to appear in court on 26 December. The RSF delegation, which will include RSF


Turkish journalist hugging his son after being released from prison
Minister Arslan has first claimed that was closed due to “sexual harassment against children, prostitution and gambling”, and then apologized.

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