Istanbul in 1950…. #istanbul news roundup…

İstanbul Hagia Sophia. 1950. via


Huge protests in Istanbul in support of Palestinians and Jerusalem

Thousands of police officers were deployed across Istanbul from early on Friday morning to secure the protests and close city streets to avoid traffic jams. The protesters raised the Turkish and Palestinian flags, photographs of the martyrs of the MV Mavi Marmara — the flagship of the Freedom Flotilla …
Bulgarian Orthodox Sveti Stefan church in Istanbul to be opened after seven-year restoration
Beautiful İstanbul. via Reddit.

Exhibition in Vienna to Host Images of ‘Tarlabaşı: A Defiled İstanbul District’ Subjected to Gentrification

Ali Öz, a photographer who, for two years, has been capturing images of Tarlabaşı, a district of İstanbul that has been suffering a “destruction/annulment” process due to gentrification, will have a selection of his works presented in the exhibition “Tarlabaşı: A defiled İstanbul district” in Vienna.
The high number of metrobus accidents happening across Istanbul has been raising concerns, with more than 60 injuries taking place in the past six months.
Since its establishment by a group of Armenian intellectuals in Istanbul in 1993, the Aras Publishing House has introduced Turkish readers to almost 200 books in both Armenian and Turkish.

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